Everyone in Wisconsin is rejoicing over the arrival of sunshine, green grass, tulips, and t-shirt weather. Are you? I sure am!

Spring time means that my favorite activity is picking up again: shoots! Winter is beautiful in its own way, but dreary and cold weather doesn’t make for a lot of time or motivation for people to have portraits done. So, to celebrate that I’m excited for spring and the impending summer on the horizon, I thought I’d share some spring engagement session and wedding photos from the past few years. Just to bring a little color and sunshine to your day- ENJOY!

Spring Engagement Madison Tulips Capitol Square Engagement portraits in the Spring in Wisconsin Madison WI engagement photos at Farmer Madison wedding photographers engagement Picnic Point Engagement Photos

And why not end on one of my live proposal shoots… It’s two years this month since Nick popped the question to Molly!

Madison WI Proposal Photographer Photography

Happy spring, everyone. Let love reign!

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This post is long overdue, but something I’ve been eager to share with you. I am excited to introduce my clients, fellow wedding vendors, and friends to my 2015 second shooter, Graydon!

Madison Wedding Photography Jobs

I met Graydon at Madison College (formerly MATC). About once a year, I’m invited by a professor to meet the students and participate in their spring activities for first- and second-year classes. This usually involves critiquing portfolios or presenting a bit of info about working as a professional photographer. It happens right before the spring Portfolio Show, and I really enjoy getting to see some of the work coming out of this awesome program. In the meantime, I’m always on the lookout for talented students who might be interested in assisting or second-shooting for me.

Wedding Photography Second Shooter

It is always my preference to have one really great, really dedicated second shooter per season. If I can keep them longer, I will. Since I began my company, I have been really blessed to have some wonderful people on my team. These budding photographers have been eager to learn, excited to serve my clients alongside me, and passionate about creating great images for my clients to compliment my work. This year, that guy is Graydon!

I know my clients are going to really enjoy having Graydon along on their wedding days. He’s hard-working, fun to hang out with, polite, professional, and talented. When he came over for a final interview, he showed me an impressive collection of shots from a wedding reception where he had to step in and take over for a photographer who became ill and needed to leave. Once he showed me what he could do under pressure, I was ready to welcome him to my team. The work he has done so far is great, and I’m pretty pumped for the rest of our season!

Wisconsin Wedding Photographers

Friends and clients, please join me in welcoming Graydon to my little corner of the Madison wedding industry. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year- it’s going to be a good one!

Want to know more about Graydon’s work? You can check out Graydon’s personal website here.


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Today is a really special day this wedding season. Today, I’m not the photographer- I’m standing next to my friend and sister, Emily, as she begins her forever with Than.

Emily is my hubby, Eric’s, sister. When once admitted to me that he knew we’d be friends, and that when we began dating he wasn’t sure he could handle how similar I was to Emily. It took several years and changes in both our lives for Emily and I to really get to know one another, but once she moved to Madison and we started to spend time together, I came to know just how right Eric was.

I’m so happy for these two newlyweds! Throughout the couple of years that I’ve had to get to know Emily & Than as a couple, it has been abundantly clear from day one that they’re simply perfect for one another. Both of them cherish their families and children. They are just as happy to enjoy their shared interests together as they are to explore new things. They’ve helped one another grow and become even more wonderful people than they were when they met. They’ve blended their four children into a beautifully loving family that has so much fun together. You can see it in their smiles when they’re with one another: they’re one of those couples that’s just right.

To celebrate their marriage today, I’m sharing with you a slideshow of the images I had the honor of creating when Than proposed. Enjoy!

Happy wedding day, Emily and Than… It’s just be beginning of an amazing adventure as husband and wife. Love you both!


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