Some weddings are just so wonderful, they deserve multiple celebrations. That’s the case with this gorgeous day! Jennifer and Nithin have family all over the world, and they started off their marriage with ceremonies in India and on the East coast. Then, this summer they wrapped up their wedding festivities with a renewal of their vows and a beautiful and fun party at one of my favorite venues: the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art! I always enjoy revisiting the spot where hubby & I started our own happily-ever-after, and Jennifer & Nithin’s wedding was no exception. Throw in a few India-inspired details and I was in love.:)

I started the day with Jennifer while she got dressed at her childhood home.

JenniferNithin_Blog_0005_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0007_WEB

Everyone knows I adore Kate Spade, right? Right.

JenniferNithin_Blog_0013_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0021_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0023_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0026_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0029_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0031_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0038_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0041_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0043_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0049_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0051_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0055_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0061_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0067_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0075_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0084_WEB

Jennifer & Nithin indulged me in something I’ve wanted to do for a while: a first look at the end of State Street, with a view of the Capitol at the end.:)It’s not the most *intimate* spot to see one another, but it was fun!

JenniferNithin_Blog_0087_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0088_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0091_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0098_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0099_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0109_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0113_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0120_WEB

Bonus points if you can find the juggler we had to plead with to clear one of my favorite Library Mall spots:


I ADORE the Memorial Union, but I can’t wait until the construction is completed over the winter. Despite the very limited access, though, we found a few spots to commemorate one of the couple’s favorite places to hang out. One of mine, too! The Union is so Madison…

JenniferNithin_Blog_0135_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0139_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0145_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0152_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0157_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0160_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0169_WEB

Jennifer, you looked stunning… But I think the kids at the wedding gave you a run for your money on “cutest” of the day! Nithin’s nieces were so adorable!


JenniferNithin_Blog_0317_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0240_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0291_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0296_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0301_WEB

Gigi’s Cupcakes! Delicious! I had the chocolate peanut butter. So yum.


The casual ceremony was perfect. Really sweet, a little quirky, and given by a dear friend of the bride and groom!

JenniferNithin_Blog_0327_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0329_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0336_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0338_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0340_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0345_WEB

Plus, we *just* made the cut before they took the old Orpheum sign. Kind of crazy that this is my last wedding photo with that sign in it!

JenniferNithin_Blog_0347_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0350_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0364_WEB

Big benefit of a first look: you get to ENJOY your cocktail hour.

JenniferNithin_Blog_0370_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0375_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0378_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0385_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0392_WEB

The beauty of wedding photos on State Street.

JenniferNithin_Blog_0395_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0398_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0402_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0406_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0411_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0416_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0424_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0426_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0437_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0439_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0441_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0442_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0444_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0449_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0450_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0452_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0454_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0455_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0458_WEB

Thank you, guys, for trusting me to capture this lovely day! I had a blast!!


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Today, it’s nearly time to say goodbye to September…and almost time for my 2015 wedding season to draw to a close. I’m loving the onset of fall and the slow transition to cozy sweaters, tall boots, and knitted goods- but I’m actually not ready for my weddings to be over just yet! This year has been such a renewal for me. It’s been slower, with fewer weddings than usual. This year has allowed me to play more and to rejuvenate my workflows, my home office, my creative process, and my enthusiasm for the life of an entrepreneur. I’ve found more of a balance between the personal things that are important to me and the professional things that are important to my business. So, I’m really not ready, and I’m incredibly excited for the handful of weddings that remain.

This blog post is long overdue. But for good reason, which makes it really fun. For one, you might notice that this little website looks a bit different. That’s because it is! I got a fun little update from my amazingly talented sister, Mariah. I’m in love with it! I’m excited to say HELLO to fun gold details, and happy to keep around my sassy red shoes. I hope you like it, and I promise to blog a bit more later on this most recent adventure in creative branding. I’ll tell you one thing, though- I’ve tried for too long to be my own graphic designer. Just as I urge brides and grooms to invest in a professional photographer, I urge photographers to invest in professional design. More on that topic soon!

Now that I’ve droned on, though, it’s time to share Emily & Ryan’s wedding with you! Ohmygoodness, I loved their wedding day SO. MUCH. It was a gorgeous August day in Madison, made only more beautiful by the love they were surrounded with from start to finish. These two are so perfect together, and so in love. They’ve spent a very long time in love, and everyone was over the moon to celebrate the beginning of their marriage! Their wedding was casual, very Madison-inspired, and loads of fun. Emily is in love with the water and lakes. Their venue choices made that very clear, and did not disappoint! Starting right off with the girls’ morning prep on Lake Mendota at this gorgeous bed & breakfast!

Lake Mendota B&B Bed & Breakfast Wedding

The front yard of the Mendota Lake House B&B is a STUNNING garden with the most amazing plants you’ll ever see on a Madison lawn.

EmilyRyan_Blog_0066_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0072_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0064_WEB

Madison Wiconsin wedding photographers

The bedrooms at the Lake House are eclectic and fun, offering so many great spots and textures for detail shots.

EmilyRyan_Blog_0018_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0028_WEB

The little bit of rain we got that day gave me just enough raindrops to play with, and then it stayed away for the festivities!

EmilyRyan_Blog_0033_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0036_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0047_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0049_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0052_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0074_WEB Madison wedding photographer candid EmilyRyan_Blog_0081_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0086_WEB Wisconsin wedding photojournalist Madison wedding photography EmilyRyan_Blog_0102_WEB Wisconsin Wedding Photographers

While the girls enjoyed mimosas at the Lake House, the boys hung out at a pretty swanky little AirBnB down the road.

Madison WI AirBnB Rental Wedding

Little tiney lake paintings… This lake theme was everywhere!

EmilyRyan_Blog_0108_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0121_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0119_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0110_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0126_WEB Wisconsin wedding photographer

This wedding day was just chock full of awesome first looks and sweet moments. My sentimental side was brimming over with SQUEEEEE!

EmilyRyan_Blog_0141_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0148_WEB

Emily had a special first look with her dad, and then her brothers walked her down to the lake to say hello to her groom.

EmilyRyan_Blog_0149_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0150_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0152_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0154_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0158_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0167_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0171_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0173_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0179_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0184_WEB

EmilyRyan_Blog_0192_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0194_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0198_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0199_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0205_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0207_WEB

I love my brides who don’t hesitate for a second when I say, “take your shoes off, we’re hitting the beach.”

EmilyRyan_Blog_0216_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0223_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0235_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0239_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0242_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0244_WEB

In lieu of a traditional “wedding party,” Emily and Ryan invited their closest friends to spend the entire day with them. No bridesmaid dresses or tuxes, but all the love in the world. Their friends had a blast and everyone got to be together the whole day!

EmilyRyan_Blog_0257_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0261_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0274_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0280_WEB

What an awesome-looking group, huh?!

EmilyRyan_Blog_0295_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0303_WEB

After a few group portraits, everyone got together and walked across the Isthmus from Lake Mendota to Lake Monona. There, we boarded probably the coolest wedding transport I’ve ever had in Madison- the Pontoon Porch! And it was off to the East Side Club ceremony in style.

EmilyRyan_Blog_0311_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0315_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0318_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0325_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0326_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0327_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0332_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0344_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0352_WEB

We did a little drive-by past the East Side Club, where all of their guests were enjoying the Tiki Bar and awaiting the bride and groom!

EmilyRyan_Blog_0366_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0354_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0371_WEB


Once we arrived on land, it was time to get seated for the ceremony. The weather was perfect for a lakeside wedding: not too hot, covered by light clouds.

EmilyRyan_Blog_0373_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0378_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0380_WEB Madison Wedding Photographer EmilyRyan_Blog_0383_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0386_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0394_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0397_WEB

If you follow me much, then you probably know how much I adore happy wedding tears. This wedding put me in my happy place for sure!

EmilyRyan_Blog_0399_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0408_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0412_WEB

Candid Wedding Photography in Wisconsin EmilyRyan_Blog_0428_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0431_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0436_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0442_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0456_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0468_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0476_WEB

A very talented family member made this gorgeous wedding arch for the couple. How amazing and gorgeous is this, and how wonderful will it be when they can place it on their very own lakeside home?!

EmilyRyan_Blog_0477_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0483_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0485_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0488_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0490_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0491_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0494_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0495_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0497_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0499_WEB

See that lovely girlie kicking off the funniest bridesmaid speech I’ve seen in a while? Yeah, she was my bride a couple years ago. LOVE HER! These bridesmaids killed it with a perfectly customized wedding day rap!

Wisconsin wedding photojournalist EmilyRyan_Blog_0502_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0504_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0508_WEB Wedding PHotography Madison WI EmilyRyan_Blog_0520_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0517_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0522_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0523_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0525_WEB EmilyRyan_Blog_0530_WEB

We snuck outside for a few fun nighttime shots before I left. My favorite. (yes, pretty much everything about a wedding is “my favorite.”)

Weddings at Madison East Side Club East Side Club Wedding Photographer

Emily and Ryan- wow, what a blessing it was to be part of your day. Thank you so much for sticking it out and waiting so darn long for your blog post, as I perfected the new brand look and worked hard on a perfect peek! And- happy one month anniversary today!! I can’t tell you how glad I am that you chose me to capture such a fabulous lakeside celebration.


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Every summer seems to go this way… We wait forever for it, and then it’s here and it’s wonderful. What seems like ten days later, it’s drawing to a close. How do all those beautiful weddings weddings, relaxed cookouts, breezy days at the lake, and cold beers at the Union fit into such a short time?! This year, we haven’t even gotten around to our annual camping trip with the pugs! Oh, well- Anissa and Shane managed to enjoy their camping trip. That’s where they were with their adorable fur-child, Scout, right before our engagement session in Middleton.:)Oh was it lovely! A challenging, sunny day- but lovely nonetheless.

This one might be my favorite family portrait, because I love the way Shane is looking at Anissa as she loves on Scout.


Check out Scout’s handsome bowtie!

MiddletonEngagementSession_0003 MiddletonEngagementSession_0004 MiddletonEngagementSession_0005

“Mom, are we done yet?”

MiddletonEngagementSession_0006 MiddletonEngagementSession_0007 MiddletonEngagementSession_0008

Queen Anne’s Lace is one of my FAVORITES.

MiddletonEngagementSession_0010 MiddletonEngagementSession_0011 MiddletonEngagementSession_0012 MiddletonEngagementSession_0013 MiddletonEngagementSession_0014 MiddletonEngagementSession_0015 MiddletonEngagementSession_0017 MiddletonEngagementSession_0018 MiddletonEngagementSession_0019 MiddletonEngagementSession_0021

I am so very much looking forward to Anissa & Shane’s wedding in October. Well, I’m looking forward to practically everything FALL! But I’m still working on enjoying these last bits of summer, promise.:)

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