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Monday’s Moment | Matt & Devina’s Storm

There’s a reason that we love summer weddings. Cool cocktails in summer breezes, cute dresses, warm sunsets…swoon! But as I sit huddled in my basement this evening–and I’m not coming out until my phone says I can–I’m reminded that summer is a fickle season. It’s the season of fierce storms and rain and wind thatContinue Reading

Monday’s Moment | Lindsey & Mike’s Capitol Elopement

Today’s moment was hard to choose, but I settled on this great image from Lindsey & Mike’s wedding. Remember that they were the last couple in my recent four-wedding marathon weekend? Well, their wedding was special. It was a long-awaited celebration for various reasons, and I was thrilled and blessed to be part of it.Continue Reading

Monday’s Moment | Adam Sings to His Bride

Confession: I am a huge fan of musicals. Stage musicals and movie musicals alike, I enjoy a really great story supported by a collection of fun songs and melodies. I also adore period pieces and love stories, so when each of those elements comes together into a fantastic movie, I’m in heaven! Is there anythingContinue Reading

That One Time I Shot Four Weddings in Three Days

Monday’s Moment is late this week, because I took the day off yesterday. So that will be brought to you next week! And that will be followed by endless awesome moments from this past weekend, because as you read in the title… I shot four weddings in three days. WHEW! It was crazy! Anyone whoContinue Reading

Monday’s Moment | Baba’s Superhero Cape

Over the past several years of my career, I’ve had a good handful of weddings with couples whose children are a major part of the event. And if you know me and my business, you might figure this isn’t my favorite thing because I don’t really shoot children very often at all. But that’s notContinue Reading

Monday’s Moment | Victoria & The Littlest Maid of Honor

Today’s moment is one that touched my heart because it brought me back to my own wedding day, and a relationship that is dear to my heart: little sisters. Victoria and Mitch’s wedding was full of family love, heirlooms, and personal details. They were married on Victoria’s parents’ 28th wedding anniversary. Both of Victoria’s littleContinue Reading