The last weekend of May often kicks off the busy beginning of my summer. This year, I celebrated with Trina and Michael as they became hubby and wifey in Verona! Oh, it was such a fun day. I even got to see another one of my couples at the reception at Legend at Bergamont in Oregon! Bonus!

What I love about working with these two is their laid-back attitudes. Their day was threatened with rain clouds, but they were really open to anything and had no trouble going with their backup plan for portrait spots. The wind and the slight chill in the air didn’t phase them at all. They pulled off a beautiful day and you could feel the emphasis on friends and family! They spent their prep time where they were most comfortable, at their house in Verona. Because home is where the heart is, they had their first look and some portraits done right there, too. I loved the intimacy of spending all that time in the home they’ve created together.

The whole day, from the first look through the church ceremony and the awesome reception, was enjoyably comfortable. It was beautiful how everyone was at ease and enjoying wonderful company. The little bike- and race-themed details throughout the event were cute and personalized! I’m so glad that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson chose me to be a part of their wedding. I truly enjoyed myself and am so excited to share all the images with them. For now, here’s a peek into the day! Enjoy!


LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0002 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0003 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0005

LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0006 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0007


LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0009 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0010 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0011 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0013 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0014 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0015 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0016 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0017 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0018 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0019

LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0020 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0021 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0022 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0023 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0024 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0025 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0027 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0026

LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0029 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0030 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0031 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0032 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0034 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0035 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0036 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0037 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0038 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0039 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0041 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0042 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0045 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0046 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0047 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0048 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0049 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0050 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0051 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0052 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0053 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0054 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0055 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0056 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0057 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0058 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0060 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0061 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0062 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0063 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0064 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0065 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0066 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0067 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0068 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0070 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0071 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0073 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0074 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0075 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0076 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0077 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0079 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0080 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0081 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0082 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0083 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0084 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0085 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0086 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0087 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0092 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0093 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0094 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0095 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0096 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0098 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0099 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0100 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0101 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0102 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0103 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0104 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0105 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0106 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0107 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0108 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0109 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0110 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0111 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0112 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0113 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0114 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0115 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0116 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0117 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0118 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0119 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0120 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0121 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0122 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0123 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0124 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0125 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0126 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0127 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0128 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0129 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0130 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0131 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0132 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0133 LegendatBergamont_Wedding_TM_0134

If you’re planning a wedding at Legend at Bergamont, keep me in mind… It’s definitely one of my favorites among Madison wedding venues!

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I’m a milestone person. I enjoy measurements and celebrations, especially anniversaries. This year, I got a little giddy when I realized that 2015, today in particular, marks ten years since my hubby and I went out on our first date. On May 28 of 2005, we enjoyed a dinner over so much conversation that our poor waitress had to return a few times before we finally read the menu and decided on our choices. We’ve been together ever since, through everything that life has had to offer us so far.

Twig and Olive Photography

Thank you Bobbi from Twig & Olive Photography for this gorgeous portrait of us!

Ten years is a lot. It’s a decade. Whoa! And in particular, the past ten years has been a transformative period of my life. I went from my mid-twenties to my mid-thirties. From fresh-out-of-college, through a couple jobs, and on to my full-time career as a photographer and business owner. From a renter to a home owner. From a cat person to a crazy pug momma. And more. Reflecting back on this time is amazing, really- but above all, the best transformation I’ve gone through over the past ten years is due to Eric.

I went from a hopeless romantic to a happily married wife. That one transition has come with a lot of personal change. I’ve said many times over the past years that my husband has made me a better person, and I’ll still say it today and mean it with all of my heart. From the moment I met him, I knew it was special and I hoped we’d be here and be able to say we’re still happier than ever. And we are- and we can. But it’s not completely our own strength or personalities that have gotten us here. We can’t take all the credit. We owe quite a bit of it to God, the third strand in the cord that makes our marriage strong.

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not jealous.
It does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently,
does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked.
It does not keep account of the injury.
It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth.
It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails.
-1 Corinthians 13:4-8

You’ve probably heard some variation of the words above at many weddings- I know I have, and I appreciate it each time I hear them as a reminder. These words aren’t easy to live by. They’re difficult to follow, in fact, especially when it comes to the person you see day in and day out. The person you see at their best and at their worst, who sees you at your best and your worst. It is so easy to give our best to the world and then come home exhausted and offer only the leftovers to our loving spouse. And when you’re exhausted, it can be a challenge to offer your best energy, effort, and love to the one person it’s easiest to take for granted in our lives.

From the very beginning of our relationship, Eric has been the one person I’ve known who best embodies the spirit of those words in First Corinthians. He has taught me a lot about patience, kindness, mildness, and humility. He teaches me by his own actions, by forgiving my failures and humbly seeking my forgiveness for his, by striving for peace and harmony in our marriage, and by sacrificing for our little family and leading me spiritually. We both fail, and often. But someone once said that a good marriage starts with two good forgivers. I’ve certainly found that to be true.

I can’t accurately describe how grateful I am for my husband. It’s not something that’s easy to put into words. But that’s OK, because as a photographer I use images! So, in celebration of ten years with the love of my life, I’m sharing a few photos from our journey from there to here. They’re not all professional, they’re mostly snapshots…but they’re our story! My project this year is to bring all of our photos together in a collection of books. Just looking through these images makes me so happy- I love remembering our adventures and all of the things we’ve experienced together.

TenYears_0001 TenYears_0002 TenYears_0005 TenYears_0006 TenYears_0008 TenYears_0011 TenYears_0012 TenYears_0014 TenYears_0016 TenYears_0017 TenYears_0018 TenYears_0019 TenYears_0020 TenYears_0022 TenYears_0023 TenYears_0024

To my honey, on this pretty significant milestone… I’d do each and every day of this past decade over again if I could. I’m so glad we get to spend the rest of our lives together. You’re truly  my best friend and favorite person ever. I love you!

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Tara & Kevin are getting married this August at one of my FAVORITE wedding barns in Wisconsin: Sugarland Barn in Arena. Since the moment I met these two, I knew they were my couple! You’ll be able to tell from these images that they’re fun- they just don’t stop smiling and laughing! Which I’ll never complain about, because just look at them. Happiness OOZES from these two. Their wedding day is going to be phenomenal, I can already tell!

Since their wedding will be in a lovely, rustic setting, I’m glad I made the trek to Milwaukee for their engagement session. That’s where these two lovebirds call home. We started with a beer at Lakefront Brewery and ventured out from there. First stop: playing on the swings like a couple of kids in love. Sigh!


MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0009 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0019 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0027

Architecture and lines and texture, YAY.

MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0049 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0053 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0064

Tara rocked her wardrobe choices with some bright colors that made me swoon!

MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0070 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0082

See? Nonstop laughter. THE. BEST.

MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0086 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0090 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0094 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0104 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0107

After that fabulous hot pink, Tara emerged in this emerald dress. LOVE!

MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0116 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0128

After dancing by the river, we headed over to the lake. I’m in love with this little hidden gem of a spot!

MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0133 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0137 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0144 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0151 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0153 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0155 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0161

A different view of the Milwaukee skyline than I’m used to, but I like it!


Who wouldn’t want to end their evening with a private dance session on the beach?

MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0170 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0181 MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0187

Can’t wait for the day they say “I do!” Thanks again, guys, for the super fun session!!

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