Wisconsin Farm Barn Wedding Photographer

The moment I met Brittany and Marlie, I really wanted to be a part of their wedding. I remember sitting in my basement meeting space, hearing their fabulous love story and thinking to myself, “this is going to be a FUN couple.” I was so thrilled when they hired me! We had an absolute ball on their Adventure Engagement Session, where they showed me all around the town they call home. We talked so much about the plans they were making and all of the work they were doing to turn a barn on their family property into a gorgeous spot for a beautiful party. I left their company that day feeling so excited for their wedding, and very blessed because of the wonderful couples who choose me.

Brittany and Marlie are both from deep-rooted farm families. They spend their years entrenched in the goings-on of local Wisconsin farms. Getting to know them and documenting their #realfarmwedding (yes, I hashtagged that!) was a ton of fun, and it gave me a glimpse into the lives of the farmers who provide locally grown food to the fancy markets and upscale grocery stores that I shop at as a suburban homeowner. Working with them has given me a new appreciation for the families and farms that make Wisconsin proud! Their wedding was a perfect reflection of the people and the things that they value and hold dear.

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Brittany’s grandmother made her the jewelry she wore. How sweet is that!


Brittany’s florist, Tracy, did a GORGEOUS job on the bouquets and arrangements- and then she got gussied up and enjoyed the day as a guest!

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Cowboy boots galore! I had a little too much fun with Brittany’s details while they finished up at the salon!

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I loved chatting with Brittany’s sister, Brooke, when I had a chance during the day. Brooke is a talented wedding photographer in Florida, and she helped Brittany to decide which photographers to contact. To be approved by another wedding photographer is always a bonus- and then I get to geek out on photo chat during the day. Yay!

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This little farm kitty apparently didn’t get the memo that Marlie’s not a cat fan. He definitely wanted in on the excitement.



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The detail on the back of Brittany’s gown was so lovely.


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Did I mention I got to play with tractors?

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We had a gorgeous sunset, and we made sure to enjoy it. Yes, with more farm equipment.:)

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I adore when the speeches bring out so much laughter and love. There were just too many favorites, as everyone cracked up and enjoyed the sentiments of Brittany & Marlie’s favorite people in the world.

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I think the crowd’s pick would have been Brittany’s grandmother’s speech. I loved it. She brought along an arrangement of cards that Brittany had sent her over the years, and everyone was rolling with laughter!

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The barn looked pretty gorgeous, huh?!

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After their first dances, the bride and groom enjoyed watching their parents dance to a special song. What a wonderful tribute and memory.

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DJ Josh from Kuhl Entertainment kept the party rockin’ all night… Dare I say… Until the cows came home?!

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To Brittany and Marlie, it was truly an honor and a pleasure to work with you over the past year. You guys are such wonderful people, and I just know you’ll have as much love and laughter in your home together as I witnessed among your closest friends and family on this spectacular day. Thank you for choosing me!


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Some weddings are just so wonderful, they deserve multiple celebrations. That’s the case with this gorgeous day! Jennifer and Nithin have family all over the world, and they started off their marriage with ceremonies in India and on the East coast. Then, this summer they wrapped up their wedding festivities with a renewal of their vows and a beautiful and fun party at one of my favorite venues: the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art! I always enjoy revisiting the spot where hubby & I started our own happily-ever-after, and Jennifer & Nithin’s wedding was no exception. Throw in a few India-inspired details and I was in love.:)

I started the day with Jennifer while she got dressed at her childhood home.

Madison WI Wedding Photography Red Bouquet by Wisconsin Wedding Photographers

Everyone knows I adore Kate Spade, right? Right.

Kate Spade wedding shoes bridal accessories gold flats JenniferNithin_Blog_0021_WEB Indian Wedding Mendhi on feet bridal henna Gold Indian Bride Wedding Jewelry Earrings Shoes Bangles Bridal Mendhi Henna Indian wedding Wisconsin Photographers JenniferNithin_Blog_0031_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0038_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0041_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0043_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0049_WEB Mother daughter bridal getting ready bride dressing Wedding photography JenniferNithin_Blog_0055_WEB bridal shoes wedding henna mendhi indian bride photographer JenniferNithin_Blog_0067_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0075_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0084_WEB

Jennifer & Nithin indulged me in something I’ve wanted to do for a while: a first look at the end of State Street, with a view of the Capitol at the end.:)It’s not the most *intimate* spot to see one another, but it was fun!

JenniferNithin_Blog_0087_WEB Wedding first look on State Street Madison WI photographers JenniferNithin_Blog_0091_WEB Madison wedding photography portrait capitol JenniferNithin_Blog_0099_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0109_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0113_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0120_WEB

Bonus points if you can find the juggler we had to plead with to clear one of my favorite Library Mall spots:


I ADORE the Memorial Union, but I can’t wait until the construction is completed over the winter. Despite the very limited access, though, we found a few spots to commemorate one of the couple’s favorite places to hang out. One of mine, too! The Union is so Madison…

JenniferNithin_Blog_0135_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0139_WEB Memorial Union Madison WI wedding photographer bride & groom JenniferNithin_Blog_0152_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0157_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0160_WEB MMoCA Wedding Madison photographers WI

Jennifer, you looked stunning… But I think the kids at the wedding gave you a run for your money on “cutest” of the day! Nithin’s nieces were so adorable!


JenniferNithin_Blog_0317_WEB Wedding henna madison Wi photographers JenniferNithin_Blog_0291_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0296_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0301_WEB

Gigi’s Cupcakes! Delicious! I had the chocolate peanut butter. So yum.

Gigis Cupcakes Wedding cake Madison Wisconsin

The casual ceremony was perfect. Really sweet, a little quirky, and given by a dear friend of the bride and groom!

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Plus, we *just* made the cut before they took the old Orpheum sign. Kind of crazy that this is my last wedding photo with that sign in it!

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Wedding WI photographers JenniferNithin_Blog_0350_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0364_WEB

Big benefit of a first look: you get to ENJOY your cocktail hour.

JenniferNithin_Blog_0370_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0375_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0378_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0385_WEB Madison WI wedding photographer

The beauty of wedding photos on State Street.

JenniferNithin_Blog_0395_WEB Madison Capitol wedding photography JenniferNithin_Blog_0402_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0406_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0411_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0416_WEB Gigis Cupcakes wedding cupcake bakery Madison Wisconsin JenniferNithin_Blog_0426_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0437_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0439_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0441_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0442_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0444_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0449_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0450_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0452_WEB JenniferNithin_Blog_0454_WEB Madison WI rooftop wedding reception on State Street JenniferNithin_Blog_0458_WEB

Thank you, guys, for trusting me to capture this lovely day! I had a blast!!


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