I confess: I’m a big city girl living in Midwestern suburbia. I adore big cities. The energy, the architecture, the variety of places to go and things to see- it all gets my heart racing and puts a big smile on my face. I spent my first year of college in Manhattan and my favorite travel destinations are downtown centers around the world. Among my favorite cities are Paris, San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York. One of my favorite activities when I travel is to lose myself in the busy streets of a bustling metropolis and just explore.

And then I married my total opposite: a man who gets just the slightest bit frazzled among the hustle and bustle that I love. My honey prefers winding country roads and quiet bike trails. But it’s all right, because the peace of our backyard and the sprawl of our comfy home make my heart smile, too. These days, I indulge in a little travel here and there to quench my wanderlust and then I return home to our little bit of paradise. Sometimes, those trips involve a chance to shoot a portrait or a couple in love.

Engagement portraits in a big city thrill me. It’s so much fun to hang out with one of my couples and search for the angles, lines, textures, buildings, and backdrops that you just don’t find in a beautifully manicured garden or a wild and overgrown field. While I do enjoy those settings (and a session is more about your favorite places than mine!), they don’t carry the excitement of a city for me. So today I am sharing some of my favorite urban engagement portraits while I dream up my next visit to the lands of skyscrapers, taxicabs, and twinkling skylines.

These are just a few favorites, but in the upcoming weeks I’ll share some of these really fun sessions with you in a bit more detail!

Manhattan Engagement Session Wisconsin Photographer

St Louis Wedding Photographer Madison WI


Minneapolis Engagement Session Stone Arch Bridge

Engagement Portraits Milwaukee WI

Madison Skyline Engagement Portrait Chicago IL Engagement Wedding Photography

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As much as I enjoy a huge, rockin’ wedding with a guest list oozing with loved ones ready to party, I must admit that I adore a small and intimate affair once in a while. Christi and Eric had just that- a beautifully laid-back wedding with the most important VIP’s in attendance. Smaller weddings allow the bride and groom so much time to be with their favorites and soak in the day! Since Christi & Eric’s engagement session in Chicago, I’d been so excited for their big day. It definitely did not disappoint! Thunderstorms threatened us, but stayed away in the end. The heat challenged us but we went on anyway. And it was perfect! See for yourself!

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0004 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0007 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0009

I love a bride with three pair of shoes… Just like me on my wedding day!

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0010 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0011 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0014 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0015 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0016 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0019


Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0031 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0032 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0035 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0036

Christi and Eric had a hot, sweltering day- and I had to giggle at her when she put socks on! Blister avoidance wins, for sure, but it was still funny!

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0037 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0039

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0022 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0026

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0042 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0041 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0043 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0044 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0046

These stormy looking clouds turned out to be just about the worst of the threat that day, even though we were ALL prepared for rain. By the way, my secret trick to chase off the rain? Buy a BUNCH of umbrellas! Works like a charm. 😉


Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0049 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0051 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0056 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0058 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0061 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0065 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0060 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0066 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0067 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0069 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0071 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0073 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0077 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0080 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0081

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0084 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0087 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0089 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0090

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0093 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0094 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0097

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0095 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0096 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0098

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0100 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0101 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0103 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0105


Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0099 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0107 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0108 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0111

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0110 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0113 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0114 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0115

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0116 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0118 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0119 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0121 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0122 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0125 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0126

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0130 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0129

The Overture’s Promenade Lounge is a perfect venue for a smaller reception. So elegant!

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0131 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0132 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0134 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0137 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0139 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0141 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0146 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0148 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0149 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0150 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0152 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0153 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0154 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0157 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0162 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0165 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0168 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0169 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0170 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0172 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0173

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0177 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0179 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0181 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0185

Instead of an all-out dance party, these game-night lovers opted for a family-style evening with all their favorite games and people. How cool is that!

Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0186 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0187 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0189 Overture_Wedding_Madison_WI_CE_0192

Christi and Eric, I am so glad that you chose me to be a part of your day. I had a ton of fun with you guys- even with the sweaty heat! Thank you again for hiring me, and I can’t wait to share ALL your images with you!

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Sometimes, a wedding just feels like a perfect day. Now, if you know me, you know I’m a hopeless romantic and I find joy in every wedding, no matter what- because it’s about the marriage, not the events of the day or the details that pull it together. But some weddings are just full of all the feels. Some weddings fall in place perfectly with a harmony that can be felt by everyone there. That’s what Jenna & Adhem’s day was like.

I was so excited when Jenna contacted me to meet with her and Adhem last year! I knew from Facebook that they were engaged, and as I always do when my friends announce their engagement, I had been sitting back and hoping to see her name pop into my inbox. I never expect anyone I know to hire me, but I do hope… And you see, right about this time of the summer 7 years ago was when Jenna’s sister, Stacy, was walking me through the Bruce Company to select flowers for our wedding. I knew Stacy because we worked together at Epic, and when she learned that I was engaged she told me that she and her sister Jenna had some experience with wedding flowers and could offer their services to me. They did a gorgeous job! Then, their sweet family hired me for a family portrait session, where we had a blast and created some memories for them. So, I knew how fun this family is and I was secretly dying to be there for this day.

And what a day it was! Even though it started out with a little rain, the weather really cooperated with me and settled into a comfortable cloud cover just before their first look. They began their day and said their vows beneath the stunning catalpa tree at the Hilltop in Spring Green– perfect, because Adhem is an arborist! Jenna’s wedding dress was made for her, so I was extra grateful that they gave me plenty of time for a few short sets of bride & groom portraits throughout the course of the day. The bride’s family was just as fun and loving as I remember them from that portrait session so many years ago, and the groom’s family certainly proved that they’re a perfect match. The love, you guys. The LOVE! It was beautiful, and we ended the day with a soft, purple evening sky as everyone danced to the light of the tiki torches and the beats of the fantastic DJ.

To the Holbergs and the Theriaults, I am forever grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful celebration of family and love. Thank you for having me, guys! Enjoy the peek!

JennaAdhem_Blog_0019 JennaAdhem_Blog_0009 JennaAdhem_Blog_0010 JennaAdhem_Blog_0012 JennaAdhem_Blog_0015 JennaAdhem_Blog_0016 JennaAdhem_Blog_0003 JennaAdhem_Blog_0004 JennaAdhem_Blog_0005 JennaAdhem_Blog_0008 JennaAdhem_Blog_0027 JennaAdhem_Blog_0031 JennaAdhem_Blog_0034 JennaAdhem_Blog_0037 JennaAdhem_Blog_0039 JennaAdhem_Blog_0045 JennaAdhem_Blog_0048 JennaAdhem_Blog_0050 JennaAdhem_Blog_0053 JennaAdhem_Blog_0055 JennaAdhem_Blog_0056 JennaAdhem_Blog_0058 JennaAdhem_Blog_0059 JennaAdhem_Blog_0060 JennaAdhem_Blog_0061 JennaAdhem_Blog_0064 JennaAdhem_Blog_0065 JennaAdhem_Blog_0068 JennaAdhem_Blog_0070 JennaAdhem_Blog_0074 JennaAdhem_Blog_0075 JennaAdhem_Blog_0080 JennaAdhem_Blog_0081 JennaAdhem_Blog_0083 JennaAdhem_Blog_0084 JennaAdhem_Blog_0085 JennaAdhem_Blog_0089 JennaAdhem_Blog_0090 JennaAdhem_Blog_0094 JennaAdhem_Blog_0095 JennaAdhem_Blog_0096 JennaAdhem_Blog_0098 JennaAdhem_Blog_0099 JennaAdhem_Blog_0101 JennaAdhem_Blog_0102 JennaAdhem_Blog_0105 JennaAdhem_Blog_0107 JennaAdhem_Blog_0110 JennaAdhem_Blog_0111 JennaAdhem_Blog_0113 JennaAdhem_Blog_0116 JennaAdhem_Blog_0117 JennaAdhem_Blog_0119 JennaAdhem_Blog_0121 JennaAdhem_Blog_0122 JennaAdhem_Blog_0123 JennaAdhem_Blog_0124 JennaAdhem_Blog_0126 JennaAdhem_Blog_0128 JennaAdhem_Blog_0130 JennaAdhem_Blog_0131 JennaAdhem_Blog_0133 JennaAdhem_Blog_0136 JennaAdhem_Blog_0137 JennaAdhem_Blog_0140 JennaAdhem_Blog_0143 JennaAdhem_Blog_0144 JennaAdhem_Blog_0145 JennaAdhem_Blog_0146 JennaAdhem_Blog_0147 JennaAdhem_Blog_0150 JennaAdhem_Blog_0153 JennaAdhem_Blog_0157 JennaAdhem_Blog_0158 JennaAdhem_Blog_0160 JennaAdhem_Blog_0161 JennaAdhem_Blog_0164 JennaAdhem_Blog_0167 JennaAdhem_Blog_0169 JennaAdhem_Blog_0173 JennaAdhem_Blog_0174 JennaAdhem_Blog_0177 JennaAdhem_Blog_0179 JennaAdhem_Blog_0181 JennaAdhem_Blog_0182 JennaAdhem_Blog_0189 JennaAdhem_Blog_0191 JennaAdhem_Blog_0195 JennaAdhem_Blog_0197 JennaAdhem_Blog_0200 JennaAdhem_Blog_0204 JennaAdhem_Blog_0208 JennaAdhem_Blog_0209

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